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This Seasons Best

We know how stressful Christmastime can be, so we decided to do some work for you before the holidays officially start, to get you ahead of what’s TRENDING UP in the marketplace! Some of these items sold out last year, some are new, and some are just simply the best in their class and remain there! So take a look at the best of the best in each category, and hopefully us doing the work, makes Christmastime a little less stressful for you and more enjoyable for the entire family!

Your Child’s Christmas Friend
Reindeer In Here

Reindeer In Here is a new Christmas tradition, created by Adam Reed, a dad and award-winning children’s book author who wanted to start a new Christmas tradition with his family. He was looking for a positive Christmas tradition for his children, and after hearing so many parents complain about the very negative impacts and stress that Elf On The Shelf had on their families, he decided to create an alternative. It’s quickly become the most awarded holiday tradition brand out there, which is why it’s easily our number one pick.

Reindeer In Here is a marvelous way to enliven the holidays with an enduring family tradition. The fun begins the moment this cute, cuddly plush reindeer arrives weeks before Christmas, the first gift of the holiday season! Included is a storybook that tells the charming tale of how this adorable reindeer’s early arrival came to pass. Children excitedly pore over the pages, discovering endearing details about their newfound companion, whose small physical stature and mismatched antlers stand out from the rest of the pack. In the process, kids learn to honor and appreciate their own and others’ uniqueness. The story encourages kids to take their reindeer with them everywhere they go so that their furry friend can report back to Santa each night, all in service of tailoring the Christmas holiday to each child’s unique qualities, circumstances, and needs! Reindeer In Here enhances holiday fun while instilling in youngsters feelings of love, acceptance, and continuous good cheer! And the great news is that hundreds of press outlets have now branded Reindeer In Here as having “officially solidified its place as the only bonafide direct competitor to Elf On The Shelf.” Last year it sold out quick, so make sure to hurry and shelf that elf, and get a Reindeer In Here.

Every year we award our top pick. Congratulations to Reindeer In Here for being 2018’s winner!
Best Ornament Decorating Kit

We love this product, and it too is trending up. You may have seen TreeMendous’ sister product Egg-Mazing at Easter time, which is an innovative electric spinning Easter egg coloring kit. Well they took their success from that product and turned their focus on Christmas and created TreeMendous. For those families that like the idea of creating their own ornaments with their children as keepsakes for Christmas, this will be the product you are looking for.

Writing Letters To Santa
Sealed By Santa

As seen on ABC’s Shark Tank and certainly a continuing fun trend, this company personalizes letters to your children from Santa. They have also recently decided to add other items to ship to your child with the personalized letters. So if you want your child to feel like they are really on Santa’s ‘nice’ list, then check out all the options you can have sent to them during holiday time and beyond. And if you really like what you see they also offer letters from the tooth fairy and Easter Bunny!

Best Advent Calendar
Disney’s 12 Days
of Socks Advent Calendar

There are many standard advent calendars out there, but we wanted an extra fun one! And we found one that isn’t only fun, but one that you can actually wear! Disney’s 12 Days of Socks Advent Calendar was a big seller last year, and we see the trend continuing this year! Each of the 12 days of Christmas has a different opening that your child can open each day to find a new pair of Disney character socks. So not only will this be great for Christmas, but they can wear their socks all year-round!

Cookies for Santa

Sharing Christmas cookies with Santa might be one of the oldest Christmas traditions. Thanks to FoodDoodler, this has never been easier or more fun. The activity can be enjoyed by children of all ages at home, family gatherings, or in the classroom.

This winter craft lets creative spirits soar as kids color in Santa and evergreen themed cookies with assorted food coloring markers. The finished product is a delicious and colorful dessert to be eaten or shared.

The entire family can get together and decorate the cookies that Santa will see as soon as he arrives.

Purchase these cookies on either Amazon or their website as well!

Gingerbread Houses
Wilton Petite Gingerbread House Kit

If you and your family (or you and your friends or coworkers or your cats) want to make a great gingerbread house this holiday season, I can’t help you be a meticulous, cautious builder, but I can easily suggest the Wilton Petite Gingerbread House Kit. It’s rated the #1 Gingerbread house kit by Business Insider and is well deserved.

The product truly lives up to the adjective in its name, it’s such a lovely little structure that you won’t mind the diminutive size a bit. Besides, at 5.25 inches wide, 5.75 inches deep, and 4.5 inches tall, this tasty holiday house is the perfect size to serve as a centerpiece on the dining room table, to perch on a deep windowsill, or to rest on a countertop or shelf, adding charm and cheer and without taking up too much room.

The kit comes with colorful gumballs, gumdrops, hard candies, colored fondant, icing, and more, including, of course, panels of sweet and spicy gingerbread. Building the house shouldn’t take more than a half hour and kids and adults alike can have a hand in the process.

The Wilton Petite Gingerbread House Kit scores a four out of five-star average rating on Amazon. One customer named Dana called it a sturdy “fun family Christmas project,” while a customer named Joyce admitted that she and her family “had a blast building it” and then they “ate it.”

Hanging Christmas Stockings
Merry Stockings

Stockings for Christmas is a MUST! Merry Stockings offers kits that allow you and your kids to completely customize your Stockings

An adorable cast of Christmas characters put the finishing touch on a Christmas tree in this Bucilla felt applique Christmas stocking kit. Frosty, Santa, and elf, and a penguin help each other place the star on top of the tree. Another yellow star ornament can be personalized with the stocking owner’s name. These stockings make great gifts and are true heirlooms. Each kit contains beads, pre-stamped felt, embroidery floss, sequins, needles, and of course the easy-to-follow instructions.

Check out my favorite one here!

Decorating your Christmas tree!

What’s a tree without lights!? There are many options out here, but there is a clear favorite for 2018.

Taotronics is the Best Seller of string lights on Amazon, more than 5 million satisfied customers and growing and 24/7 customer support.

With a beautiful Red Yellow Blue Green multi color, the star lights can be controlled remotely with 10 brightness levels with multi-function remote controller. Also includes 3 different modes for adjustable settings: flash / strobe / fade.

Light The Path To Christmas

A super popular trend we’ve seen continuing for years is that of lighting the path to Christmas. The tradition is anything but local. It dates at least to early 17th-century Spain. In one version, people burned cedar boughs along town paths, symbolically lighting the way to Bethlehem for Mary and Joseph. A slightly different version suggests that luminaria were intended to brighten the way for the Magi. The tradition is a feature of Christmas festivals in the American Southwest.

Today, families will arrange dozens of luminaria in front of their homes homes. Lumabase has mastered this space and has everything you need here. You can do real candles, electric, and so much more! They have many different options and styles for you to ensure to lighten up the street for Christmas

Best Christmas Book
Reindeer In Here

We are usually against putting two items from the same brand on a list, but when you look at the accolades of this Christmas tradition book, it is currently the hottest trending holiday book out there right now. It was named Creative Child Magazine’s Best Book of the Year, and also won major awards from The National Parenting Center, Mom’s Choice Awards, the National Parenting Product Awards, and more. Moms rave about it, and bloggers have fallen in love with it comparing it to ’Twas The Night Before Christmas. As the BeingMVP mom blog wrote: “The book’s soothing, rhyming words put me in the Christmas spirit because it reminded me of the well-loved story, The Night Before Christmas.” Now the book is great on its own but we really recommend you also get the adorable plush for your child as well.

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